We recently had a chance to meet with Kelly massfallenheroesRoche at the Massachusetts Fallen Heroes office and deliver our donation. Massachusetts Fallen Heroes was established in 2010 by Boston firefighters, local combat Veterans, Gold Star Families, Police Officers, and other patriotic citizens with a goal of getting a public memorial erected in Boston. They succeeded in getting the memorial unveiled in May 2016, but their achievements and mission go well beyond that today.

Today, privately funded and nonprofit, Massachusetts Fallen Heroes holds programs and events for gold star families – surviving family members of fallen heroes. They currently work with 222 registered families and have dozens of regular volunteers helping them.

Events are opportunities for surviving mothers to meet other surviving mothers, children to meet other children, and families who share a similar experience to come together in ways that they wouldn’t be able to without the help of this team.

ma-fallen-heroesMassachusetts Fallen Heroes has also developed a Veterans’ Edge program that enables them to act as a liaison and advocate for returning heroes to get access to educational, employment, medical, legal, financial and other support and services that they need and deserve.

This is an exceptional organization that we are proud to have met and thrilled to offer our support. There are lots of ways to get involved. To learn about their popular monthly sample sales, merchandise, charity runs, or new Massachusetts license plates, follow them on Facebook.

Thank you to YOU, our customers, for making this Giving Back initiative possible, and for helping us support great organizations like this.

You can go here to learn how you can get involved with Massachusetts Fallen Heroes. Surviving family members and veterans can also go here to register with Massachusetts Fallen Heroes and get access to the support and services they provide.


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