Monday 18 June 2018

How Do I Choose An Auto Body Repair Shop?

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Anyone who owns or leases a vehicle is pretty likely to need some collision repair services at some point. It could be because of a car accident, damage from a storm, or damage done while your car was parked in a lot.

Did you lease your vehicle? Did you know you could be responsible if it's not fixed properly?

Over 4 million vehicles per year are leased. In the fourth quarter of 2017, more than 28 percent of the new cars in the U.S. were on lease. That's a lot of cars! Many people prefer a lease because there is little to no maintenance to deal with. For the most part, that's true. However, if you're in an accident and your leased vehicle is repaired by a shop that's not certified, you can be on the hook for big fees at the end of your lease.

You might think that with a lease you're required to have all repairs done at the dealership, but that's not true. You have a choice as to where the vehicle should be fixed. Navigating New England traffic is hard enough, so how do you navigate the process of finding the right auto body repair shop? Choose an OEM certified shop!

What Are OEM Certifications?

One of the major considerations in how to choose the right auto body repair shop is knowing that the shop technicians know your vehicle make and model, and know how to fix it to the manufacturer's specifications. One of the best ways to ensure this is by looking for a shop with certifications from the Original Equipment Manufacturer - or OEM certifications.

OEM certifications mean that the shop has invested to obtain the necessary tools, equipment, and training to fix your vehicle right the first time, just as it was when it was new. The highest recognized certification in the auto repair industry is the I-CAR Gold Class certification. To achieve this certification requires that every employee who touches your vehicle has completed hours of specialized training based upon repairing the structure of your vehicle back to your vehicle’s manufacturer specifications - manufacturers like Acura, Audi, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Nissan, and Volvo.

If you work with an OEM certified shop then you know the vehicle is being repaired right, to the manufacturer's specifications, and you can immediately alleviate one of the major concerns of end of lease issues.

Pick an Auto Body Repair Shop That's Convenient and Easy to Work With

Knowing that a shop is certified to provide the highest quality repairs is the first step, but if that shop isn't convenient to access or easy to work with then you're back at the starting point. If you've been in an accident and your vehicle isn't safe to drive, a collision center that can come to you with a rental car and tow yours away is as convenient as it could be.

Most people rely on auto insurance to complete any collision or auto body repair, so a shop that accepts all insurance and works with them directly is key to reducing the hassle of auto body repair.

Whether you own or lease, your vehicle is a major investment that should be protected and cared for, and to ensure your and your family's safety, you need repairs that are done right the first time!

Auto Body Clinic is an I-CAR Gold Class, Honda ProFirst, Nissan, Hyundai, FCA and Assured certified shop that has been providing the North Shore with convenient repair for over 40 years. If you've been in an accident, we'll get you and your vehicle back on the road as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

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