Thursday 12 April 2018

Time for a Spring Tune Up

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Spring has sprung! Well...sort of. Temperatures are finally starting to warm up on the North Shore and at the very least the snow and frigid weather should be behind us. It’s been a long winter, no doubt, not only for us but for our vehicles too. Winter weather in New England can take its toll on our cars and now is a great time to get your vehicle a spring tune up.

Who Should Get a Spring Tune Up on Their Car?

A spring tune up is necessary for essentially anyone who drives in the winter! It's a great idea for people who drive leased vehicles in order to identify any damages that may have occurred over the winter and get ahead of them to avoid paying any extra at the end of the lease.

Getting a spring tune up also makes sense for a vehicle you own as well. Minor issues like paint scratches can become big rust problems if not addressed, and things like dented or scratched bumpers can hurt resale value if you plan to sell or trade in your car at some point. Not to mention, doesn't everyone want their car to look and drive its best?

Why You Need a Spring Car Tune Up

There are a lot of reasons why the winter conditions are tough on our vehicles and a spring car tune up is necessary.

  1. Sand and salt - Although they're a great way to prevent sliding on the road and getting into an accident, sand and salt can be tough on your car. Sand that gets kicked up can cause scratches. Salt can stick to your car’s metal components and eventually cause corrosion to the undercarriage, brakes, and wheel wells.
  2. Tire and wheel damage - In cold temperatures, tire pressure can decrease when the car isn't moving and increase when the car is moving. Driving with the wrong tire pressure or varying tire pressures across tires can lead to uneven wear and a shortened lifespan for the tires. It can also lead to a tire blowout while driving, putting not just the tire but the wheel (and the driver!) at risk.
  3. Bumper damage - Poor visibility or poles covered and snow make it more likely to accidentally park too close and cause dents in your front and rear bumpers.
  4. Scrapes and scratches - Around here the snow banks can get over six feet high and crusted in ice. It can be difficult seeing and navigating around them, and accidentally grazing an icy snow bank can mean unsightly scrapes and scratches that can also lead to rust.
  5. Wiper blades - Windshield wipers play an extremely important role in being able to drive safely in the winter. Overworked wiper blades can end up cracked, cut, or torn and result in streaking and decreased visibility.

Whatever damage your vehicle experienced this winter, count on Auto Body Clinic and our commitment to quality repair and convenience to make the repair process a breeze and get you ready for Sunday drives with the windows down.

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