Thursday 24 May 2018

Supporting a Classroom for Change Is Simple

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Once we saw Change Is Simple in action last year, we knew we wanted to support them again this year so we reached out to Co-Founders Lauren and Patrick Belmonte to let them know. It turns out, they’ve grown a lot in a year! If you haven’t checked out their website lately, take a look. They’re working with more schools and more students, and they have more educators on their team to teach elementary school kids how their daily actions can have an impact on the world, and how small daily changes can be made every day to live more sustainably. They’re also doing a lot more partnering with individuals and business who can become Changemakers. We were so happy to hear that our donation of $1,000 sponsors an entire classroom of 20+ kids for an entire year!

This year we met at Cove Elementary school and learned more about how they tailor their content to integrate seamlessly into the required materials of each individual school and class. They’re not handing out generic worksheets or packets of information, they’re creating custom curriculums that are hands-on and that touch on multiple school subjects throughout the entire year.

We watched marine biologist Kendra energize this classroom with an outdoor lesson that uses real-world science tools and project-based learning to create real-world impacts.

The team members of Change is Simple have backgrounds in science and education and they regularly include interns from schools such as Northeastern University and Endicott College. In addition to coming to the schools themselves four times per school year, they provide lessons and projects for the students to work on between visits.

In addition to working with local schools and complying with the schools’ curriculum standards, they also offer fun and educational summer programs that anyone can join. It was so fantastic to catch up with Change is Simple and learn more about how they’re growing and continuing their mission to make a difference in education with their supercharged STEM program!

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