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Anyone who owns or leases a vehicle is pretty likely to need some collision repair services at some point. It could be because of a car accident, damage from a storm, or damage done while your car was parked in a lot. Did you lease your vehicle? Did you know you (more)

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Once we saw Change Is Simple in action last year, we knew we wanted to support them again this year so we reached out to Co-Founders Lauren and Patrick Belmonte to let them know. It turns out, they’ve grown a lot in a year! If you haven’t checked out their (more)

Thursday 12 April 2018
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Spring has sprung! Well...sort of. Temperatures are finally starting to warm up on the North Shore and at the very least the snow and frigid weather should be behind us. It’s been a long winter, no doubt, not only for us but for our vehicles too. Winter weather in New (more)

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This month we were thrilled to learn more about an organization that does so much for our community but that we didn't know much about! We met with Russ Queen who shared more information about the wonderful and needed work that they do. Family Promise North Shore Boston is located in (more)

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Whether you’re just beginning to find footing on your career path or if you’re looking to make a switch to a new field, a career in the automotive industry is worth exploring for a lot of people. Getting into the automotive industry is perfect for someone who is proficient at problem (more)

Friday 14 July 2017
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Beverly Bootstraps started in 1992 as a food pantry in the basement of the First Baptist Church. Today, it is so much more! We had a chance to meet with the Director of Donor Relations, Heather Johnston, to get a full tour and more information about all the services that (more)

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Pete Frates grew up in Beverly, MA, attended St. John’s Prep and was an athlete and honor roll student. In 2012, at the age of 27, he was diagnosed with ALS. Pete Frates became a household name when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge put together by his family raised more than (more)

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It’s now been one year since Auto Body Clinic started our monthly Giving Back Initiative and I think we’re all really thrilled at what a great success it has been. Not only have we been able to contribute to some of our community’s greatest charitable organizations, but we have met (more)

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It took some juggling around the school spring break schedule but this week we met with Kali Woodbridge from the Power of Flowers Project. Kali has been a volunteer since January of 2010, and has been a member of their very active Board of Directors since 2012. Kali is one (more)

Wednesday 5 April 2017
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After rescheduling due to snow days we were thankful to finally have a chance to see Change is Simple in action at Cove Elementary School last week. We met Co-Founders Lauren Belmonte and Patrick Belmonte to donate $1,000 to Change Is Simple and watch them deliver a great lesson to (more)